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Dance.Burn.Repeat. deconstructs familiar dance moves, allowing you to feel the muscles at the root of each dance movement. We will also incorporate total body conditioning moves that will truly take your muscles to the burn. A structured program will target your upper body, your lower body and your core in every class. Light weights are optional, but recommended for this class (1-2 lbs), (and if you don't have weights you can also get creative and use water bottles- a 16 oz bottle weighs about 1 pound).


Dance Impact logo

 Dance Impact is an exhilarating fusion of dance and kick-boxing that promises a heart-pumping hour of fun and muscle-toning for the entire body. Come relieve some stress and jam to the beat while throwing some punches, blocks and kicks. And spice it up with some simple, feel-good dance moves in between.


Danceout logo

 DanceOut! is a dance-inspired fitness class that feels more like a party than a workout. Jam to hot tunes from many different musical genres including Hip Hop, Latin, Pop, Swing, Oldies, Reggae and more. The moves are simple and repetitive so everyone can do it, plus you will move your entire body and have fun while doing it. If you don’t like to workout, but love to dance, then this class is for you. Don’t workout, DanceOut!


Get Hyped is one of toughest formats designed to give you a heart-pumping, muscle- toning, hardcore, kick butt, take no prisoners dance-fitness workout.  In this class, you will alternate between high cardio and intense toning songs that will challenge you to bring your fitness to the next level.  Are you ready to Get Hyped?


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 The Megamix will give you both toning and cardio results in this 90-minute, calorie-blasting, booty bouncing, droppin’ it low class. Each class will incorporate key toning songs that will target your major muscle groups- legs, booty, abs, and arms. Plus you will still get your cardio with all of your favorite songs.


 The Jam brings you only hip hop, funk, dancehall, & reggaeton music. Get ready to bring your club moves into your fitness regimen. You will wind, twerk, pop, lock & drop away the pounds in this high energy class.


Zumba® is a dance-inspired fitness class that fuses the Latin steps of salsa, merengue, samba, cumbia, reggaeton and other international rhythms. Zumba incorporates full-body moves that are easy to follow and fun to do. You will tone your entire body and lose weight all while having a great time. Zumba is the workout that will make you want to exercise! Ditch the workout, Join the party!




Note: Not all formats are available at all times on the current QCDO schedule.  To express interest for a class format in your area, please contact us