Full Name: Angela Acosta

Nicknames Angie, Ang, The Queen

Question Where were you born?
New Brunswick, NJ

Question Where did you go to school?
I graduated from NC State in 2000 with a B.A. in Communication Disorders and from the University of Iowa in 2005 with a M.A. in Speech Language Pathology

Question Are there any other cities you have strong ties to?
Answer Was raised in Gastonia, NC; Lived in Raleigh, NC during 4 years of college at NCSU; Lived in Murcia, Spain for a year of study abroad; Lived in Iowa City, IA during 2 years of grad school at the University of Iowa; Lived in Brooklyn, NY for 3 months during an internship; Lived in Charlotte, NC for 3 years after I was first married. Now I'm back to G-town!

Question What is your “real job”?
Before making the move to working full-time for QCDO, I was a speech-language pathologist.

Question Do you have any formal training?
Not really.  I cheered in middle school and high school. I’ve taken lessons here and there in different styles of dance including Latin dance, but mainly I am very observant and I have the ability to watch the way someone else moves and imitate it, and that is how I have learned so many different styles of dance.  I think I know just enough to be dangerous, but I am always seeking to learn more and become a better dancer.

Question What style of dance do you love the most?
Whenever I hear Reggaeton, I get completely lost in the music and just want to dance.  So, I would say that Reggaeton is my favorite style to dance.

Question How long have you been teaching?
I have been teaching group exercise since 1997.  My first class was a step aerobics class at NCSU and I taught many forms of traditional "aerobics" until 2006 when I fell in love with Zumba. I never went back to traditional group exercise.

Question Why did you choose dance fitness over other forms?
I love dancing and I love group exercise.  Putting the two of them together for me brings together the best of both worlds.

Question Why do you teach for QCDO as opposed to a gym?
I started QCDO because I wanted a way for my faithful participants to be able to come to class with me wherever I was teaching and not have to join multiple gyms.  Our expanded model of multiple locations with multiple instructors that all provide the same awesome class experience is exactly what I always wanted for my participants.

Question What classes do you teach?
I currently teach Zumba, but I can teach just about any class format.  I love the Latin flavor of Zumba!

Question What has been your most memorable QCDO experience?
There are so many!  I am constantly reminded that what we do is a labor of love and when someone tells me that QCDO makes them a happier, healthier person that always sticks with me and keeps me motivated and happy.

Question Do you have any other jobs for QCDO?
We are a relatively small company, so as the owner I am involved in everything!  Human resources, accounting, sales & marketing, communication, team management, choreography, training, music editing, video editing and more! Luckily, I have supportive family and an awesome team of instructors, staff & volunteers that help me with the workload and help me stay grounded!

Question What are your favorite dance moments from movies, TV, and/or stage?
“The “Cry to Me” scene in Dirty Dancing, the Alex & Twitch Hip Hop routine from Season 7 of SYTYCD, the Addiction routine from Season 5 of SYTYCD

Question What would you like the QCDO family to know about you?
Family is very important to me and I am fortunate to have my family close by. My parents, sisters, husband, in-laws and children are always there for me and I want to always be there for them.

Question What does being an instructor mean to you?
It means that I have the ability to bring a smile to your face and make you forget about all your cares even if just for an hour.